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Trocas Shell Button - White - Size 18L (11mm)

Trocas Shell Button - White - Size 18L (11mm)

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A sustainable alternative to standard polyester buttons, these might just be the perfect option for your next button-up top.

  • Made from ecologically-responsible farmed trocas shells
  • Size 18L (11mm or 7/16")
  • 4 Holes
  • Top: Pearly white colour
  • Bottom: Multi-colour shell (red/white/black - each one is unique of course!)
  • Shiny finish
  • Made in Lithuania

Natural shell materials limit CO2 emission levels in raw material production and biodegrade in an environmentally friendly way as no harmful or toxic elements are released into the environment in the process. Sourced from reputable and ecologically responsible farming environments.

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