The Sewing Club hosts small-group sewing workshops designed to help beginners learn the basics of sewing. We think that getting started with sewing doesn't need to be expensive or intimidating, so we're here to help you learn while you make something you'll actually want to wear or use.

About your Instructors 


Hey there! I'm the founder of Hair of the Dog, and The Sewing Club is my newest venture. I'm self-taught, so I know the struggle of not knowing where to start and feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to know about sewing.

I'm excited to learn together!



Miriam is an experienced seamstress with a drool-worthy wardrobe full of pieces she’s made.

When she’s not behind a sewing machine, you can find her doing a tarot reading or planning her next tattoo. Check out her work as Toxi Posi Tarot.