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Make Nine Template (Free Download!)

Make Nine Template (Free Download!)

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A blank template you can use to plan 9 things you want to make in 2024. Add inspo pics, fabric swatches, and any notes you want to remember when you get to this project. To help inspire you, I've (Erin) added my personal make nine for the year!

It's available as a free download or can be printed and picked up from our shop/mailed to you.


The Make Nine Challenge started in 2015 after Rochelle was inspired by the "Best Nine" trend on Instagram. Since then, it's grown into a popular way to plan your upcoming makes for the year.

Our friend Ashley Yien made this adorable template that you can use to plan your makes for the year. It's ok if you totally stray from your plans, but this challenge is a great way to plan how to use the fabric that's already in your stash and when you might want to buy something special.

Here are Rochelle's 9 questions to consider when choosing your 9 projects:

  1. What do you want or need? Be forgiving about pattern choice but get specific about what you want/need to make this year.
  2. What did you learn from last year's successes and “failures”? If you didn't finish something on last year's list, ask yourself why.
  3. What values are important to you? Are you working towards a capsule wardrobe? A more ethical one? Are you on a budget? Being practical about what you choose to make is not boring or against the spirit of a challenge. There is success in logic.
  4. What’s in your laundry basket right now that you wear all the time? Are you interested in trying to recreate it?
  5. What types of things do you really LOVE making? What do you dislike making? If you hate making pants, you don't have to put them on your list just to feel like you conquered some new technique.
  6. Are you a seasonal maker? Maybe your Make Nine list only includes summer patterns. Or winter knits. That’s totally okay!
  7. Look at your calendar. Time isn’t found, it’s made. How much time can you make for each of the projects on your list?
  8. Do you want to stash-bust? Why or why not? Don't force yourself to make something just because you've owned the pattern for years. If you haven't made it yet, maybe your tastes have changed. That's normal. No need to feel guilty about that. Maybe it's time to re-home some patterns that no longer speak to you and start fresh.
  9. Is there a completely new-to-you type of project that you want to explore? Do you have the time and patience to explore it, knowing it's possible you won't like/wear it in the end? If yes, by all means, branch out and try new things! That's how you grow and get better.

After you decide on your nine projects, be sure to share them on Instagram using the hashtag #MakeNine.

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