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Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest - Cohana

Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest - Cohana

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Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, blessed with good soil, is one of the leading Kawara (Japanese traditional roof tiles) producing areas in Japan. A flower motif Awaji Kawara tile has a built-in magnet inside.

This is a ceramic tile, one of the Awaji Kawara roof tiles, which is glazed and fired. The tiles have a smooth texture glossy color coat on the rustic texture. Two colors are available: gentle " White" and chic "Gray."

With a needle rest, the many times between needlework operations of "putting down a needle" and "taking up a needle" become very smooth. It also eliminates the frustration and haste of looking for a needle in the middle of needlework.

You can use the bottom of the needle rest to pick up dropped needles in a smart way. It can also be used as a clip holder around the desk or as a magnet to hold memos and photos.

The size is 27mm in diameter. It is smaller in size than the same series "Awaji Kawara Magnetic Needle Rest with Needle Polisher."

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