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Organic Cotton Oilskin - Merchant and Mills - Black

Organic Cotton Oilskin - Merchant and Mills - Black

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Cost is per 1/2 metre: cost is $50 for a full metre. 

The real thing – best quality traditional oilskin made in the UK, finished to age and wear beautifully.

154 cm wide, 405 gsm / 11.94 oz yd2

GOTs certified organic cotton and finished with a traditional wax. It has a dry wax finish. Not washable but can be re-oiled.

A blend of oils and petroleum-based waxes are used. This solution is impregnated into the fibre and saturates the cloth, so the performance relies on a traditional wax/water resist application.

It has a firm handle this fabric will give a distressed worn appearance when handled giving it a fast-tracked unique vintage aesthetic.

For lining use oilskin barrier lining or duck canvas.

Ideal for bags, accessories, and jackets.

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